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Persian Gulf

Persian Gulf Complex is a second largest Shopping Malls Near Me in Iran. It located in Sadra, Shiraz. In terms of a number of shops, Persian Gulf Complex is the biggest mall in the world with 2.500 stores facilities covering 450.000 square meters. The complex includes a 262 room hotel with an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, convention center, tennis court and a helipad.

In addition, Persian Gulf Complex have two amusement parks at the mall, an outdoor amusement park which covering 37.000 square meters of the mall complex, and 28.000 square meters an indoor amusement park with a 3 story billiard hall, video games, and a bowling alley. Persian Gulf Complex mall also has a cinema with 240 seat and a 14.000 square meters Carrefour Hypermarket which located within the mall. The complex of Persian Gulf has four floors of a parking lot and can accommodate 5.500 vehicles. Persian Gulf Complex owned by Hossain Hossaini.

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