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Google Upgrades Mobile Browser Display to Allow Reviews


One of the frustrations I’m sure everybody is faced if you are involved with the Google game, is getting ranked on Google for the page one listings, on the old seven pack, which is now the three pack (snack pack).

One of the major ranking factors on the 3 pack is reviews,( there are many more that I won’t go into here, you can contact me if you want more information)
The problem is before you had to get people to leave a review for you:
1. From a different IP address.
2. On a different computer.
3. On a different Google account.
Even with some great strategies and incentives, customers as you know rarely leave great reviews for you because they are just too busy. Now a client could visit your business and he could ask them right then and there to do it on their smart phone while you’re watching and can guide them through it. This is possible because their smart phone will use a different IP address. As long as they are not connected to your Wi-Fi in your business ( and if they are have them turn their Wi-Fi off temporarily) this will work.
As a Calgary marketing company I can tell you this is huge!!!!
Here is a great post by  Mike Blumenthal.
So without further ado here is Mike’s information:
“Leaving a review for a business on Google via a mobile has long been a pain. However starting in early May on Android 5 and gradually working its way across Google’s &Apple’s mobile browsers, users can once again leave a review for a business using almost any mobile browser. This includes Safari and Chrome for iPhone as well as the mobile browsers for Android 4 and 5.

Since 2012 when the mobile web version of G+ had its review link removed, the only way to leave a review was to use the Google Map App or to do an ugly work around using G+ local search. With the advent of this search display update users can once again leave mobile reviews  across both major platforms and browsers by simply searching for the business, selecting the more info button in the Knowledge panel, scrolling down to the rate and review area and selecting a star rating. Thus one of the easiest ways to get a customer to leave you a review is to just ask them to search for you on Google and either click the “write a review” link on the desktop or select the more info button on mobile.