The best ankle weights

Training for strength and endurance can be difficult, but there are ways to hasten the process. Exercise equipment such as best ankle weights aid you in your strength and endurance training, but you have to know how to use them properly to avoid injury.

Ankle weights are small pouches filled with water or sand that you can secure around your ankles with velcro straps that come attached to them. Wear them when you are jogging, running, swimming, kicking, biking or even walking to improve your strength and endurance. You can also use ankle weights together with other exercise and gym equipment, like the jump rope, treadmill, or the step machine. But be careful – when used improperly, these weights can cause undue stress on your joints, causing tearing in your muscles. Make sure you secure them properly around your ankles and they are not too loose or not too tight. When buying, check if they have adequate padding for extra comfort.

Akle weights are actually the cheapest exercise equipment you can buy from your local fitness store. They are convenient to bring when travelling, too, since they are small. Some types of ankle weights – especially those that can be filled with water — can easily be drained so you can bring them in your bag and just refill when you get to your destination. And since they are made of vinyl fabric, you can use them when swimming. Sand-filled ankle weights, on the other hand, are great for running, biking, kicking or walking and are made of breathable fabrics like neoprene and nylon.